Thumbs Up David Choe!

David Choe is one of the most talented visual artists of our generation. He has documented travels hitch-hiking across the world with an engaging light-hearted humor and an easy friendly manner.  As David heads off not necessarily to reach a specific destination so much as to meet everyday people along the way, his travelog makes for great background listening while sketching and painting.

I hope you find inspiration for travels of your own in his videos

Online Hitch-hiking Community (don't do this by yourself...jumping even slow moving freight-trains is extraordinarily dangerous; pros get on at the back, they never climb aboard even gradually moving walking-pace trains. What happens is: when you begin to lift yourself into a boxcar your legs swing under the carriage, leaving half of your body hanging over the tracks with nothing to push your feet off hang there for maybe even several hours before dropping to be cut in half across the rails. Don't jump on slow moving trains; only get on stopped trains, travel with friends.)