"Gringo Trails" Catastrophic Affects of Mass Backpacking

"I was tired of following the backpacking trail, it was to a certain extent a bit of a herd mentality. There had been a German couple who I had met in -- this was in'79 -- and I told them about this beach.  This incredible beach, unspoiled -- you know -- that nobody knew about. And I would take them there, but, you know, I would ask, "whatever you do don't tell people about this place because...what will happen is, backpackers will end up going there...." Costas Christ, Global Travel Editor, National Geographic Adventure"

From GringoTrails.com :
"GRINGO TRAILS is about one of the most powerful global industries of our time: tourism, and it starts with backpackers! They are the key to opening the door in developing countries. The film looks at the long term effects of travelers on cultures, economies, and environments worldwide—through their most important souvenirs… their stories.

GRINGO TRAILS follows travelers and locals in locations within Thailand, Bolivia, and Mali- looking at all sides of the cultural encounter. It also looks at the complicated relationships that can arise when host countries are looking for economic opportunities and travelers are seeking authentic experiences."

GRINGO TRAILS follows travelers' stories since the 1970s, shortly after the first Lonely Planet guidebooks were published--helping to usher in the current mass backpacker phenomenon. Locals reflecting on backpackers are highlighted in the film, while archival photos and footage show the influence of 19th-21st century travelogues, movies, and novels on our understanding of a place. 

GRINGO TRAILS journeys with the intrepid solo traveler and the backpacker who follows, to the role of "backpackaging" and beyond.