Isolated Community in Turkey Speaks Dialect of 'Ancient Greek'

"Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries." René Descartes

An isolated Greek speaking community along the Black Sea coast of Turkey speaks a dialect more similar to Ancient Greek than any known ... idioms, vocabulary, even musical tones exist like an enchanted time-capsule in the minds of 5,000 persons.

I wish an adventure tourist familiar with YouTube would visit carrying a microphone and videocam…it would be a neat project fto pitch to the National Geographic or Discovery Channels.

Actually, it would be cool if Nile Guide were to sponsor trips to document such endangered cultures, sites, and such, similar to their 'Travel like a Pirate' contest. A professional videographer could accompany 'Nile Guide Explorers' (winners even cooperating as a 'reality TV' team) to create hour long documentaries set in destinations which would benefit from increased tourism -- like the Turkish community mentioned above -- and, which are well reconnoitered by Nile Guide Experts.

 Team members could interview archeologists and other relevant professionals with Nile Guide Local Experts while undertaking whatever task composed each contest. After being inspired by a Nile Guide documentary tourists could replicate similar follow-up trips on their own using Nile Guide services. --All while producing something good and lasting and meaningful….documented and compiled, year after year, on Eventually it would be quite a resource…like a commercial travel-focused National Geographic Channel.

One trip to Turkey to create an initial half-hour pitch for Nile Guide Features may not seem like much -- as either an investment or achievement...but...if two or three travel contests were organized and documented per year, an impressive professional archive of repeating television revenue world wide will be created, using the knowledge base and imagination of Nile Guide's existing infrastructure.  Secondary benefits would be advertising and expanding Nile Guide's services. And that's just to start!